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Story behind the Name "Amaka" 


Amaka is an African name, meaning "Precious"

However, Amaka means more than that to us.


The word Ama means grandma in  Chaozhou (潮州), a Chinese dialect sponken in eastern Guangdong, China and is one of the most spoken dialect among Thai-born Chinese. Ka is the short form of my grandmother's name "Wattaka" 


So Amaka was literally named after my grandmother who was the first owner of the building before it was passed along to my mother and eventually me. 



Our Cafe 


I grew up in a typical Thai-born Chinese family being spoiled by my grandparents. I therefore had a strong bond with them.


When it comes to food, however, it cannot be anything as we liked as usual. My grandma always made sure everything was at its finest for us. When she went out for ingredients, she would go to a local market. "Not only we got the fresh ones, we also helped distributing their income" she once told me.


We are the first cafe in Chiang Mai that offer gluten-free baked goods and food. Everything on the menu is gluten-free but does not taste gluten-free at all.


To carry on grandma's intention, Amaka carefully picks all ingredients from our local suppliers. Although, we are a gluten-free cafe, we aim to use as much organic ingredients as possible and avoid those processed ingredients at the same time, in order to ensure you will get everything

"At it Finest"



Our Bed and Breakfast


My family had hosted many exchange students from different countries around the world and I myself was once an exchange student in Germany for a year. Yes, I can speak German but my German is not as good as when I lived there. 


From both side experiences and my wanderlust that has taken me to over 35 countries, I have learned that there are two things that really matter while travelling; people you meet along the way and places where you stay and their hospitality and service. These two are like the final pieces of the puzzle that beautifully complete your journey and a lifetime memory.


Amaka always considers that the visit to Chiang Mai may be the first and last time for some guests. We therefore aims to fully satisfy our guests and try our best to make their journey the most memorable by using experience of hosting students and the understanding of foreigners’ wishes. 


Thank you for choosing to stay and make some memories with us :)






Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

Pollock's bar & restaurant

In-room dining

Concierge services

Pet-friendly accommodations

Small business perks

Valet parking

Daily domestic newspaper delivery

Amaka Deluxe 1
Amaka Deluxe 1

Amaka's 16sqm en suite Deluxe with a mountain view

Amaka Deluxe 2
Amaka Deluxe 2

Amaka's 18sqm en suite Deluxe with a sofa-bed

Amaka Deluxe 1
Amaka Deluxe 1

Amaka's 16sqm en suite Deluxe with a mountain view