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The Origin of the Name “Amaka”


Amaka is inferred to treasured appurtenances in African language yet; “our Amaka” has more meaning beyond that.


“Ama” means grandmother in many Asian dialects encompassing Teochew (潮州)—the most prevalent language in eastern Guangdong province of China. Teochew is indeed one of the most wide speaking local tongues amongst the Thai people of Chinese descent in Thailand

including my family. 


The appellation “Ka” came from my grandmother’s name “Wattaka.” Sometimes when my cousins and I chatted and mentioned “Ama”, we did not know which grandmas we were referring to, so to be precise, we called her “Amaka” and

this was known among our large extended families.  


It is not wrong to say “Amaka” is named after my grandmother “Ka” or “Amaka” who was the first owner of this building before passing it to my mother and latter on to me.



Our Café


I was born into a Thai-Chinese family and of course spoiled by my grandparents except one thing about nutrition. My Ama had to make sure everything on the dining table was nourishing for everyone. When she went for grocery shopping she always went for the small local stores she had known since her teenage years. She once said to me “we not only got the fresh, clean, and quality trusted food, but it was certainly an income distribution to locals.” And to inherit her insightful thinking, “Amaka Café” handpicks each quality ingredients neatly.  

All baked goods are gluten free and most breakfast items are as well! But believe us, they don't taste gluten free. We largely use organic substitutions; avoid processed and chemical added ingredients. Everything on the menus is freshly cook everyday for our customers deserve the finest meals just like when Ama cooked for her grandchildren.

Our Accommodations


When I was in high school, my family has had a wonderful chance and amazing times of hosting many of Rotary foreign exchange students from all over the world for five years and myself was indeed a Rotary exchange student in Germany. From the two-sided experiences of being a host family and being hosted, adding to that is the love of travelling, which has led me to more than thirty-five countries around the world at the age of twenty-four — everything in between has taught me that the most two important things of a journey are: the people we met along the way and the places that accommodated us during our trips just like our second homes. These two parts are like the last missing pieces of puzzles that will complete the whole unforgettable everlasting journey. 

“Amaka” always realise that for some guests this one time might be the only time for visiting Chiang Mai, taken all the facts together, we wholeheartedly determine to use our extensive experiences and understandings in traveller aspects to acknowledge our guests’ needs, to give them a delightful time and a pleasant stay. We dearly hope that we can make your journey the most precious and memorable one.

Thank you for choosing us ☺ 














In the loving memory of Amaka



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