Start your day with breakfast!

I was born into a Thai-Chinese family and of course spoiled by my grandparents except one thing about nutrition. My Ama had to make sure everything on the dining table was nourishing for everyone. When she went for grocery shopping she always went for the small local stores she had known since her teenage years. She once said to me “we not only got the fresh, clean, and quality trusted food, but it was certainly an income distribution to locals.” And to inherit her insightful thinking, “Amaka café” handpicks each quality ingredients neatly.  


All baked goods are gluten free and most breakfast items are as well! But believe us, they don't taste gluten free. We largely use organic substitutions; avoid processed and chemical added ingredients. Everything on the menus is freshly cook everyday for our customers deserve the finest meals just like when Ama cooked for her grandchildren.

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